Ingi Bjornson is a unique person. His sense of humour and his insights blend in these books to create truly interesting, funny, thought provoking and entertaining stories. Ingi lives in a wilderness cabin in northern Manitoba. He is a trapper and owns a small tourist camp. His guests come to fish or hunt – but mostly to enjoy their time with Ingi. They laugh at his stories and learn from his wisdom. Now that he has begun to put his stories into print, all of us can enjoy this wisdom. While reading his books you can imagine sitting by the campfire or at the kitchen table enjoying a cup of coffee and listening to Ingi talk. It is best to read these books in the order they were written. You get to know Ingi, his wife and boys. You get to learn how he thinks and continue to dig deeper into his humor and insights. They were written in the following order:

1. Sane Trapper Cooped up in Remote Cabin with Crazed Wife

2. Bears and Fine Coffee

3. Trapper’s Wife Claims to have found the Missing Link

4. How Many Times with the Raven Call?

5. The Trickling Waters Spoke of a Great Upheaval

6. The World Stopped for a Moment

7. Sing For Me a Quiet and Clean Land

The earlier books are more chronicling the experiences of Ingi. Once you get to the 3rd and 4th books, Ingi begins to weave his philosophy of life and doing business into his stories. His 6th and 7th books are almost a theology text according to Ingi. Since it is according to Ingi, you know these insights are going to be mixed with a healthy blend of humor and experiences. These books are a joy to read.


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