Ric Driediger

Ric Driediger, owner of Churchill River Canoe Outfitters, and manufacturing division, Horizon's Unlimited, has spent several decades paddling and exploring Canada's northern waterways. If there's a canoe route out there, he has probably travelled it. This wealth of experience allows Ric to offer valuable "inside" advice about routes and trip information to his clients, insuring the best possible experience for them.

Ric's enthusiasm and love for the wilderness is obvious in his day-to-day dealings with visitors to the C.R.C.O. office. Whether it is someone stopping by just to ask for directions, or a client checking in, Ric always has a few moments to share a wilderness story or two, or to eagerly answer any questions.

Forest House

Ric is constantly looking for innovative ways to promote the serenity and beauty of Saskatchewan's northern forests. To this end, he has recently become a partner in Forest House, Saskatchewan's Premiere Eco-Tourism Lodge. This magnificent facility sits on a small unnamed lake, in the middle of a secluded, pristine area of the Boreal Forest. It consists of a luxurious main lodge, and two roomy and comfortable cabins, all self-sustaining, with solar power, running water, and self-composting bathroom facilities. Forest House was carefully crafted to have a minimal impact on its delicate surroundings. It also features rich and colourful organic flower gardens, as well as a bountiful vegetable garden, producing succulent produce, used in the Forest House kitchen to create gourmet northern cuisine.

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